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Coca-Cola Vending Machine Rewards You For Dancing
October 16, 2012 at 11:59 by MichaelComments
Coca-Cola in Korea have created a vending machine that rewards people the more they dance in front of it!
The Coke dance vending machine has Xbox Kinect technology (sensors and webcams) built in which recognises human interaction. Why? Well, people have the chance to impersonate the Korean boy band 2PM as close as they can, because the better they dance, the more bottles of Coke they are rewarded with!

What I like the most about this is the innovative use of technology to bring fun (and product) to people in an engaging way. And putting Kinect in a vending machine is smart because you are interacting with the brand, having a good time and getting something free for it at the end.

Would you dance for a bottle of Coke like this guy?

By maya4design

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